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Jefferson River Real Estate
Properties for Sale on the Jefferson
Ranches, Recreational Properties, and Vacant Land for Sale

Seeking conservation buyers to protect the Jefferson from foolish development.
Please consider placing a conservation easment on any property you buy along the Jefferson River.
See also the: Builder's Guide: Commonsense Do's and Don'ts for Building along the Jefferson River.

Properties for sale are listed in descending order down the river.

Current Listings

Out of the Ashes: 20 Acres by Parson's Bridge $330,000
      The original farm home on this twenty-acre parcel was destroyed by fire in 2012, leaving a pile of rubble. A barn from 1910 and other old outbuildings still exist on the property, but little is known about the structural soundess of the buildings or the viability of the existing well and septic.

      The property is located near Parson's Bridge by Waterloo and includes 700 feet of Jefferson River frontage. Being just upstream from a hazardous diversion dam, this property would make a nice exit point for boats coming down the Jefferson River. As seen from the bridge, the property is mostly a wall of willows. But the upstream portion of the property includes a lovely mix of open cottonwood trees and grass that would make an ideal campsite for the Jefferson River Canoe Trail. The property is large enough to be utilized as both a Canoe Trail campsite and a Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks fishing access site. We are looking for a donor or donors who would be interested in purchasing and conserving this property for public use. See the complete listing at Prudential Montana.

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